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Our Services

  • Software Development

    We specialize in healthcare and human services information systems and middleware.

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  • Developing Data Standards

    We create formats and protocols for moving data between any two systems, or a community of vendors and many systems.

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  • Data Modeling

    Data modeling is the most basic and initial step of setting up information sharing, if you’re starting from scratch. Data modeling starts with definitions of concepts/vocabulary, and then sets up the relationships between those concepts with diagrams.

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  • Web Application Programming Interface (API) Development

    Web APIs are an instruction set of urls (like in your web browser) stating how to share data between two systems over the internet. The parties using it have to agree on the data model first (see data model section). Web APIs have become extremely popular because of their simplicity and usefulness. They can even carry a payload (see section on payload specification). There are two general categories of Web API: SOAP and REST.

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  • Payload Specifications

    Sometimes you have to move the data in meaningful chunks, so we make payload formats to define the chunks. The Web API (see above) describes how and when these payload chunks can be sent.

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  • Linked Data Development

    W3C Linked Data allows for a web of intricate relations between customers, suppliers, and resources both in the public and private sector. Every group of data has a url, and you can search it like a database. Libraries favor this technology for making their collections searchable and interlinked between concepts.

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